Road Transportation
Road transport is, as a rule, the last link in the chain of multimodal transportation, allowing goods to be delivered practically to any point of destination.
Tiralana helps in organization of international cargo transportation by road. We use truck fleet consisting of tented trailers, container chassis, jumbo trucks with capacity of up to 170 cbm, trucks for carriage hazardous and temperature controlled goods.
TIRALANA can arrange direct trucking of foreign trade goods from West European states to Russia and CIS countries and vice versa.
Tiralana is able to work out optimal routes and to deliver client`s goods in time and at reasonable cost with strict observation of international and national legal requirements.
Tiralana ensures:
  • Drawing up of a full set of transport documents prepared in conformity with requirements of Russian customs authorities, international regulations and as well as client`s instructions;
  • Solving of problems caused by unforseen situations or by circumstances out of Tiralana`s control independently or together with the customer;
  • Information on whereabouts and condition of cargoes at any time they are en route. All trucks used by Tiralana are equipped with modern communication facilities;
  • Escort of loaded trucks to bonded warehouses and after customs clearance to consignees` premises;
  • At client`s request assistance with arrangements of insurance of any foreign trade goods carried by road transport.
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